Who is Sasha Elage?

Sasha is a French self-taught photographer with a multicultural background including Lebanon, Finland, Estonia, and Russia. What sets him apart is his refusal to use corrective devices, instead relying on his mastery of natural and artificial light to create captivating shots. He uses light to convey emotions in a poetic and expressive way. Sasha describes himself as a colorist and infuses his photographs with bold and unusual hues, creating instantly recognizable works. He continuously pushes the boundaries of his art, and has taken Instagram by storm. His following is growing by the day, and he has garnered consistent and prominent recognition from authoritative online publications, solidifying his position as a significant force in contemporary photography.

How I see things

As a child, I wanted to be a painter and even had an art show at school when I was 8 years old. However, I only discovered photography at the age of 24 and I knew immediately that this will be for life.

My work is about capturing unique perspectives and evoking powerful emotions. My images may appear edited, but they are not - it's all straight from the camera. I see myself as an emotional awakener, using photography to elicit intense feelings. I seek to take my audience on a journey that transcends the visual, touching on something deeper and more personal, unearthing emotions they never knew existed.

  • Magic Island Book

    Exciting news! In response to many of your requests "Magic Island" coffee table book will be soon available. I appreciate your support and patience, and I am committed to producing the best book possible. If you would like to be among the first to know when the book is available, please join my mailing list below.

  • Let's Snap Together

    Sasha is a creative visionary who loves to collaborate with brands that share his passion for innovation and pushing boundaries. Whether it's in music, travel, media, fashion, tourism, or film, he is always eager to explore new frontiers and break down barriers. Want to challenge the status quo and create something truly groundbreaking? Sasha is the perfect partner for you. Let's make magic happen together!