Sasha Elage, whose heart lies in painting, approached photography in 2004, completely by accident and self-taught. He uses his camera as an artist uses a brush, transforming reality into unique visual narratives. His work, created directly from the camera, is untouched by filters, Photoshop, or artificial intelligence. Each image is a deliberate act of reinvention, where colors and light interplay to redefine the ordinary. This approach has earned Sasha acclaim in prestigious publications and among global collectors, all while staying true to the essence of pure photography. His creations blur the lines between photography and painting, yet remain authentic photographic expressions of his innovative vision.

How I see...

As a child, I wanted to be a painter and even had an art show at school when I was 8 years old. However, I only discovered photography at the age of 24 and I knew immediately that this will be for life. My work is about capturing unique perspectives and evoking powerful emotions. My images may appear edited, but they are not - it's all straight from the camera. I see myself as an emotional awakener, using photography to elicit intense feelings. I seek to take my audience on a journey that transcends the visual, touching on something deeper and more personal, unearthing emotions they never knew existed.

  • Magic Island Book

    Exciting news! In response to many of your requests "Magic Island" coffee table book will be soon available. I appreciate your support and patience, and I am committed to producing the best book possible. If you would like to be among the first to know when the book is available, please join my mailing list below.

  • Let's Snap Together

    I'm passionate about working alongside brands that value innovation and breaking new ground. My love for creativity extends across music, travel, media, fashion, tourism, and film. I'm always excited to explore fresh ideas and perspectives. If you're looking to create something unique and impactful, I'd be thrilled to join forces. Let’s collaborate and see what amazing things we can achieve together!