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Arctic Rose

Arctic Rose

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In this latest series, I tried to capture the world through the simplicity and wonder of a child's perspective. It's a celebration of finding joy and beauty in the ordinary, amidst the complexities of life. Each photograph is an invitation to look at the world anew, with freshness and optimism, highlighting the freedom and creativity inherent in youth. Perfect for any season, it's a tribute to cherishing life's simple yet profound moments.

About this artwork

  • Available in three sizes, printed in London
    • 42 x 30 cm (Edition of 150)
    • 59 x 42 cm (Edition of 75)
    • 84 x 59 cm (Edition of 25)
  • Each print supplied with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Guaranteed archival life of 100+ years
  • Free global shipping
  • Frame not included
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